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Allie's Journal

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  2005.10.06  23.21


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  2005.08.28  12.24

i am in morocco


  2005.07.04  01.03
thanks to everyone who came to the show

here are some pictures

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  2005.06.17  23.16

The Arrangement
June 30
Doors 8:00
Redrum on 6th street

be there or be square



  2005.02.24  22.57
susan and i are playing a show!

please come if you can, this one means a whole lot to me. its our first show together and everything. its at redrum on 6th. doors are at 7:30 and we go on at 8:00

Mood: doin alright

  2004.11.14  18.32
well, well, well

if your going to straylight run on monday or the faint next saturday i wanna know. for serious. and i really never use this thing haha.


  2004.11.01  17.44

this is what i did all day:

happy halloween, i guess

i got a new song up too over at www.purevolume.com/thearrangement

Mood: harvey wallbangers

  2004.09.14  21.04

new song:


  2004.08.29  15.37
so, what have i been doing?

i wish i used this but i dont, i guess my point is to go listne to my music: www.purevolume.com/thearrangement

Mood: come and find me

  2004.08.08  14.38
its my birthday

yea thats about it

someone made this:


  2004.07.19  22.11
just got six envelopes of pictures

will of straylight run. hes my buddy.

i think we all know what this is

look hoe freaking long my hair was!

upright bass, that was so cool

god only knows what we were on


  2004.06.12  15.14

this is very interesting.


  2004.06.12  15.14
Play sausage! Who has the longest?

im sorry i dont use this
go to
until i get around to actually updating this

have a nice day yall

Mood: ryan adams-wonderwall

  2004.06.12  15.13

this is very interesting.


  2004.03.14  20.07
like violent lovers love violently

there was a little girl in uniform sucking a popsicle in the middle of a mexican heat in the back of a broken down car
the view will change
she turned to me and said "its so cute how you leave messages on the mirror when you shower"
flicking ashes into the ocean trying to name the stars
leaving marks, we pushed our noses up against the glass and tried to find the horison in the darkness of the sea
closed the blinds to sleep in
had conversations in accents nobody could understand
drew it in pen and took it in ink, sweaty palms pressed together "its almost over, youre doing fine"
just one more hit then well go back, but only if we can make popcorn
hours at a time
sitting on a street corner bathing in carribean sun, well go and get those beers
"play an origional this time" and whatever happened to the bartender
his ex girlfriend painted his guitar to look like an ocean all across the wood
dont get married too soon, okay
can you kids play somewhere else
belican beer, its the best beer on the island
and a rastafarian took the blunt out of his mouth to speak
how many pictures are left on this one
some spanish dance craze
soon enough ill be looking down on the cascades
"id rather be making music than listening to it"
it jingles when you walk
a few margaritas on the catamaran, hopping across the waves
the piano bar drifts across the hall
"main deck" the elevator says calmly
high heels while the boat rocks to the side
no, stand just like that
another appetizer please
he placed the baggie in her hand, ten dollars u.s, chocolate flavour too
no, theres no money left in the bank account
but how much are these in pescos
let me look at your pins
mad dreams from being rocked to sleep by waves, no upside down now
i hagled doen a dollar and then tipped a dollar
i have paper, but do you have a pen
she tore pages out of the bible to write some songs
no, i like these sounds just fine


  2004.03.04  19.48
i updated form study hall

then i doodled

was the first too small?Collapse )


  2004.02.25  20.50



  2004.02.22  18.13
my car is fucked

it no drive
totaled, prehaps
this is shitty


  2004.02.14  10.37
peaefully in the mountains

its valentines day and as usual i am alone but i guess having valentines day the day after friday the 13th makes strange things happen
for example
its snowing in texas:

GIVE ME MORE!Collapse )


  2004.01.31  14.18
im going to blow this place up and still be home in time for corn flakes

i just woke up
its 2:18,
that is so pleasant


  2004.01.29  19.58
i said 'poor baby' and she almost started crying

rough and tumble

the real plan b is going to be at sxsw

"wackiness ensues"


  2004.01.27  18.49
whats my lesson

fights in my dreams, woke up with bruises

things are shitty and i am lonley as usual
with the exception of that little best friend

whose name rhymes with, yeah, it rhymes with mine

and i guess if your name was sally...

but its not

anyway, im going to stop burdening people with my complaints


  2004.01.24  22.00

logic will break your heart
where does the headache end?
as the not-so-happy-hearts drone
we all dig for gold
crumbs an pieces

so what do i pay?
are we stretched out?
i might try to run
and sail the sewage out to sea
save my blood
and the world

we're never gonna make it through
this sorry joke
oh my god


  2004.01.22  21.21
i am dangerous

and that isnt a joke

there are sides you do not want me to show you


  2004.01.18  17.55
flies on the windscreen

i think i might have strep throat

last night was fun though, my throat hurt so bad i had to drink away the pain...smoke it away too-in all fasions

none the less it was quite nice

i love the friends i have right now, loads

we played the songs i wrote i think well be a band again and use them
im excited
i kind of always wanted to mean something

my hair is still gone


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